The Road Less Traveled By….Is Under Construction?

Robert Frost chose the road less traveled by to find his destiny. I know the road well, and have to say in that beautiful poem he failed to mention that there are times when you stumble on an under construction signs creating road blocks. Road blocks are those moments when you want to keep moving forward only to realize that stupid orange and white wall will not let you through. I have tried many avenues to try to get past this wall, and let me warn you, the result isn’t pretty. Running as fast as I can to try to break through lands me on my ass . Pushing with my heels dug in and my body almost parallel to the road this time landing on my face from pure exhaustion wondering why God doesn’t seem to like me too much today. Stuffing my hands into my pocket, whistling the ‘I’m not doing anything wrong’ melody, launching into a fake then reverse attack only to find out this stand-off has already been decided by divine timing, and I was not victorious. No matter how I approach it, or what end I land on, I always end up feeling like an ass.

What do I mean when I say divine timing? That higher power that decides when, how, and where your next phase of life should take place. Divine timing seems to take the position of ‘back seat driver’ in my journey through life. You know, annoyingly telling you where to park, when to make a left, and then, when you choose to take a right only to find out the path would have been shorter had you listened, divine timing is right there to point out how right they always are. Frustrating and unnerving?…Absolutely. Having said that though, I try harder to listen now, realizing that I have wasted a lot of time and energy not listening only to end up back in the place that I started. Sure I’ve had experiences that I wouldn’t change for the world but sometimes I wish i would have figured it out a little sooner thus feeling further along in my journey through life. The philosophy is that everything happens as it should but sometimes I think if I would have slowed down, listened, actually entertained the idea, things might be different now.

I am still waiting to find out when my surgery is, and yes it weighs on my mind. It feels as if I’m at another annoying road block and that orange and white striped wall isn’t going to let me through till its good and ready. This time I’m not running at it in frustration, nor am I trying to pull any Barry Sander’s (famous running-back in the NFL) move on it either.  This time I will wait, listen, and hope that under construction wall lets me through quicker than usual acknowledging and appreciating my new-found patience.


Carly Speelman Copyright © 2012


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