Why did I choose the title Marry Rich and Have Babies?

This is NOT a blog about snagging a rich man and becoming the perfect Beverly Hills wife.  This is a blog to help others to take control of their whole body health.  The title might strike you as very strange, but I assure you it is quite applicable in this situation.

The title marry rich and have babies comes from advice received from one of my doctors.  I went there that day thinking that I was about to prep for the last surgery I would ever have.  I was nervous and uneasy but I trusted my doctor to help me towards a ‘normal’ life.  Nine years I have counted on this man.  Nine years I thought he was the answer when everyone else didn’t know what questions to ask.  This is a recount of the day I took back control of my own whole body health.

Waiting patiently he finally walks in.  The first thing he wants to know is why I am there.  My mom is seated to my left and has the same look of ‘what the H E Double L Hockey Sticks’ is going on here face that resided on my own.  She calmly explains that we are here at his request that I drop everything in my North Carolina life, and move to Ohio to have a surgery that would solve all of my problems.  His response, being the surgeon that he is, is quick and to the point.  The next part is somewhat of a daze, due to my utter state of shock, so I will explain it as if you are in my thought with me:

Wait a minute. Did he just say he was refusing to do the surgery?? Something about looking too healthy?? Hold on. Did he just tell me the best I could hope for was not being able to work as a hairstylist, but instead I should marry a nice rich man and have babies??? Wait, I can have kids?? Not the point. Focus Carly!!  I looked over at my mother and realized that I had heard correctly confirmed by the tears in her eyes. Pull it together.  Pull it together.  He has a different sense of humor compared to me so am I missing the joke?  He can’t seriously be telling me I moved and dropped everything only to be told to marry rich and have babies!! I searched his eyes for even a glimmer of playfulness only to be confronted with a cold distant glare.  I remember leaving and knowing that I would never step foot in that doctor’s office again.  Tears threatened but were put at bay since no one gets the satisfaction of knowing how much they had truly upset me. Back at the hotel I finally broke down.  I had fear in my heart thinking some day this moment would come.  Some day when I had reached the invisible yet inevitable ceiling to my health and the doctors could do no more.  I just didn’t expect it to be on that day with that doctor.

What he really took away that day was hope.  Hope that someday I might be able to put behind me all of the repercussions of my car accident. So here I am taking back hope and control.  I finally realized all this time I have been in training, taught by various doctors to pay close attention to my whole body health.  This is a blog to help others to take control of their own health and truly listen to what your whole body health is trying to tell you.  Many deal with illness every day whether it resides in your physical, mental, and/or emotional self.  I am no stranger to any of these challenges. This is a quest in search of whole body health whatever that may mean to you.


I value and love hearing your thoughts on my blog! Please share as it helps not only me but others as well!

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